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Perfect 11 Soccer is a free 3D-online-multiplayer-soccerga<wbr>me.\r<br>\r<br>There are different gamemodes, highscores, statistics, teams and everything else that may someone who plays soccer want.\r<br>\r<br>That offers Perfect 11 Soccer\r<br>trainingsmode\r<br>singleplayer (versus the CPU)\r<br>online-multiplayer (counted game or friendly game versus other members or friends)\r<br>tournament (singleplayertournament)\r<br>highscore (composed of skill, experience and the number of played games)\r<br>detailed statistics (goals, fouls, yellow and red cards, scoring chances, etc.)\r<br>\r<br>Further functions of the P11S webpage\r<br>news to the game and the community\r<br>Online user profile (personal data, hobbies, etc.)\r<br>friendlist\r<br>personal guestbook\r<br>personal records\r<br>private messaging system (for communication between the users besides the roomchat)\r<br>forum (discussions, votings)\r<br>help and support (guidance, FAQ, contact form, etc.)

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