The Porn Star Wars
The Porn Star Wars is a game filled with violence, nudity, and adult material. You can buy sex slaves, pimp out sluts, kill your enemies, and meet new people, in the porn star world, anything goes.
Darkness Realm
Only the few can survive in a body bag... Can you? A true corpse of the Night can come back and rise to the top!
Walk My Plank!
Avast Ye! All hands on deck! Weigh anchor and haul to stern! Man the crow&#39s nest! The chase is making full sail!\r<br>\r<br>Are you savvy enough to sign up and join the quest to swash-buckle and pillage your way through the ranks of the greatest scallywags and buccaneers, or are you just a lowly land lubber?\r<br>\r<br>To succeed in this free browser based multiplayer game you need all your pirate wits, but beware: dead men tell no tales.
Arcane Circle
Enter a world of might and mysticism! Battle dragons and foes as a warrior sorcerer, or reign supreme as a mighty wizard amongst a respected coven that you build! Will you choose a path of light or a dark path, destroying all that would stand in your path.
Rocking Rackets - Tennis
Rocking Rackets is a tennis manager game excelling with realism and easy, fun gameplay. \r<br>\r<br>An excellent place to learn more about the rules of the professional tennis circuit (including the 2009 ATP makeover) or just to compete with your friends.
Tycoon Online
Let&#39s get down to business!
Sunday League
Rubbish referees, lazy strikers, players booked for streaking - it\\'s all in a day\\'s play on SundayLeague. Join now - FREE - to manage a team against thousands of other players. Seasons last a month and there are great prizes. Play league, cup and head - to - head challenge matches with fully customisable teams. Select your best side then set tactics, formation and aggression levels from pansy to psycho. Check the opposition\\'s plans, and watch out for dodgy refs and variable weather - everything affects the game. Join in the lively forums, chat and instant messaging.\r<br>
The World of Secfenia
The lives of the mortals go through cycles. In their foolish quest to out do each other, they fail to learn from history and what they can do to themselves. This is what happened to Secfenia. It&#39s nations, it&#39s people&#39s, and it&#39s cultures fell apart. Once proud traditions and cities fell to the dark ages. Only now do they awaken to a renaissance of life. Governments awakening to find their people once again willing to emerge into the bliss of light. The question is... what path will they choose? Will they pick destruction or will they pick to unite? The old lands of Secfenia beg for the new generations to guide them to their future. How will they fulfill their destiny?
Mafia Begins
Mafia Begins is a massive multiplayer online mafia text based game! You are a mafia who starts with nothing your goal is to become a ruthless mafia. To achieve this you will have to complete difficult mafia operations as you go up!
Forbidden Waters
Break away from the tides and sandy beaches where some lounge around. Grab some gear and a weapon, head to a port to find some mischief. Get some mates and make some foes. Start a crew and sail to the top with the strongest ship in the sea.
Chaotic Empires
The Chaos Village has been razed by an invading army, and its warriors have fled to the frozen north. The armies of the southern swamps are in hot pursuit, and it won&#39t be long before they discover the encampment that the Warriors of Chaos have set up. In the meantime, infighting and squabbling puts the steadfast band of fighters in a precarious position indeed...
Project Mobster
Another gangster game, started up in october 2005. Much like Bootleggers with the vital difference of being set in the presence.
Frog Life
\"Frog-life is by far the best game i have ever played. Its got great friendly staff. The community is very active and competitive while remaining very friendly. I recommend this game to everyone. In a world, where game designers cant control their members, and support gorilla attacks against other games and their reputations, one game rises above the norm, like a shining beacon casting off a ray of hope that none has ever seen before. This game, known as \"Frog-Life\", flexes its superior game play and story line, proving who really has the big guns. \" \r<br>\r<br>-- Numba1stunna
Land of Nevard
A Free text-based RPG with a medevil settings, and with multiple classes to choose from. A game with fair and friendly staff, and it is very addicting
In Zepirates, you can live as a real pirate of the epoch.\r<br>You will start alone : first of all you will have to get you a weapon according to your experience, feed yourself by fishing, have a drink sometimes, looking for treasures at sea (watch the unexpected !) etc...\r<br>You will have to fight other online pirates.\r<br>Little by little, you will increase your level, win some competences, choose a job, and start or join a crew and go at sea to fight other crews, then go on tactical fights on a mysterious island.\r<br>All along the game, you will have new objectives to reach, meet people, you will have to use your warrior, trade and relationnal competences to manage to come in the HALL OF FAME, envied by all.
Monster Bowl
FREE Fantasy sports manager game in 2D. Control a team of orcs, elfs, humans or skeletons. Buy and sell players, level up, set tactics and manage your economy.
World Cup Challenge
Soccer MMORPG: Become the best player in the league. Participate in 5 on 5 competitions, own and captain clubs, casinos and factories, send players into retirement and more...
Lineage2 World Wide Server C4
Join the fastest growing Lineage2 C4 Server! Live chat suitable for all ages, \r<br>Come cast spells and wield powerful weapons against monsters and each other. Join a clan or play alone, - EX:5x SP:5x A:5x D:5x Spoil:2x\r<br>Striders/Wyvern, A/S grade Dual, Gambling\r<br>
LifeHit is an online text-based game, where you can become a rock star, athlete, hacker, or a street racer. You can chat with other players by using our mail center, or you could attack them! Your objective is to get the most clicks by gathering up your friends or by getting equipment items and increasing your clicks per turn! Play the stocks or waste your money at the casinos, but these are only a few things that lifehit has to offer. Register Today!
Silverlake is a Free space strategy game, currently in Beta. Conquer Planets, build fleets and discover technologies to improve your empire!\r<br>Beta testers get ingame rewards for bug-reports.
Industry Tycoon
100% free browser-based economy simulation since 2003!
Realms of Rivalry
Online graphical turn-based (semi realtime) strategy/rpg game where you can play short tactical skirmishes with 2-4 players in small random-generated game worlds. The game can be played either as an applet or downloadable client.
A real-time graphical game set in a futuristic universe that can be played right from the browser. Features dozens of ships and buildings, and a unique \"Action Point\" system limiting a player&#39s moves per day. Playable with all common web browsers - no downloads or plug-ins required!
Evolution Survival
A new theme using DBS codes, try to survive evolution. Open to all, PG-13 atmosphere.
The Legend of the Green Dragon
Build your character strong enough to find and battle the great green dragon!
Cyber Nations
Welcome to Cyber Nations, a free nation simulation game. Create a nation anywhere in the world and decide how you will rule your people by choosing a government type, a national religion, ethnicity, tax rate, currency type, and more in this new geo-political, nation, and government simulator. There are no fees associated with Cyber Nations, no credits or upgrades to buy, no gimmicks, just a fun place to hang out and rule your nation.
Lords: elementwars
Lords: element wars is a game that lands you in feudal japan where you command your army as a lord and rise to the top as the greatest lord of all! Buying technology, buildings, army and much more you grow stronger. You can also trade and chat in the inn and forums.
Chemical Beach
You are about to enter a place where the chemicals have taken over your body on the beach, creating a world known as Chemical Beach. From all of us here, we ask that you join and become part of this dynasty in online MMORPG gaming.
VR2Online - Virtual Viruz
VR2Online (Virtual Viruz) Browser based game - Play anywhere without download any file!\r<br> Role : You will be a newbie programmer that recieve invitation from a world largest viruz community name \"VR2 (Virtual Viruz)\" Now you can create Viruz \"a Monster-like creature in cyber network\" and Choose your own way \r<br>- Breeding : ranch your viruz ,find a rare one, train your viruz the way u like to , and wait for evolution.\r<br>- Tresure hunt : find an items from other network , Hunt Antivirus Boss for a rare item!\r<br>- Slayer : Attack other viruz and attack any website you want.\r<br>and to be a King of Cyber Network. \r<br>\r<br>Feature\r<br>- Create Viruz to Attack other players&#39 computer in simulate network. \r<br>- Build a Unique Viruz by Uploading your File.\r<br>- Breeding , Adventure, Train and Evolution your Viruz\r<br>- Flash Battle Animation\r<br>- Dynamic Avatar Creator System\r<br>- Create ur own Blog\r<br>- Ajax WEB 2.0 and Graphic Interface\r<br>
best game
The Mafia Hit is a free web based Multiplayer Online Game, based on the Real Mafia Life. You wanna be a real Mafia Boss wanna be the best, show everyone whos the boss, work or kill your way to the top then you are at the right place!!!.
This is the best online maffia RPG game. Register now. The game is made in DUTCH\r<br>\r<br>Dit is het beste online maffia RPG game. Registreer nu! Het spel is NEDERLANDS
it ant to bad
KAL-Online private server: Start with level 1 - G40 Weapon - G19 egg - (500) teleports to each city - 50x EXP - kewl drops - 100% quest drops - new D4 - mix system - Event Island - new mobs - new level area - castle war
i game where you can make your own player
Hostile Mafia
Venture the Void
Venture the Void is a space exploration/combat MMOG blending huge, continuous, autogenerated 3D galaxies with deep strategic gameplay mechanics. \r<br>\r<br>Fly continuously from outer space to the surface of planets, right down to cities and even trees and bushes. Interact with hundreds of NPCs in unexpected and humorous ways as you discover the secrets of each game world.\r<br>
Grand Prix Racing Online
Try to be a successful team manager like Dennis, Todt or Briatore. Manage your grand prix team to success by building good cars, developing good race strategies, hiring the right drivers and staff and planning for the future. But all must be done within the limits of your financial and worktime budget and with the fierce competition breathing down your neck!
Time Battles
Come use our time machine to fight your way to the top!
<a href=\"http://WWW.F1PORTAL.NET\" target=\"_blank\">WWW.F1PORTAL.NET</a>\r<br> \r<br>- THE BEST FORMULA 1 MANAGER GAME ON INTERNET FREE - \r<br>\r<br>\r<br>Welcome to F1REM, the best formula one internet manager with the biggest community of players.\r<br>\r<br>You shall be the biggest responsible of a Formula 1 team, such as Flavio Briatore, Jean Todt or Ron Dennis itself. You will be able to imitate Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Masa, Giancarlo Fisichella, Heikki Kovalainen, Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello, Nick Heidfeld, Robert Kubica, Ralf Schumacher, Jarno Trulli, David Coulthard, Mark Webber, Nico Rosberg, Adrian Sutil, Sakon Yamamoto, Sebastian Vettel, Takuma Sato or any other pilot to win de de F1 championship. \r<br>\r<br>Nor Ferrari, McClaren, Renault, Williams, BMW Sauber, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Honda, Super Aguri or Spyker, now its your own team your favourite. \r<br>\r<br>A most realistic automovilism game in which you take part with more than 2000 players from all over the world. Divided in four categories with different groups, where, after a 17 careers season, the best five are promoted and the last fifteen relegated. Succeeding means getting to G1, the maximum category and winning the championship \r<br>\r<br>Here, you will be able to hire drivers, mechanics, and chief mechanics, train your drivers in order to improve their abilities and characteristics. You will be able to compete in one of the 200 circuits availables in the game. You will need to equip your car with the best pieces, configuration and strategy in order to be the fastest one on track. Set up your wings, engine, brakes, gear and suspension and also your type of tyres and fuel.\r<br>\r<br>Different climatic conditions, rain,cold, heat, humidity, make the game always different and with many possibles race strategies.\r<br>\r<br>You must negotiate with the best sponsors, in order to have a lot of money and be competitive. So you will have to be a good scout and know how to offer and hire the best promises for your team, and also know how to administrate your money.\r<br>\r<br>You have about 200 different cars to choose from, with the colours of your favourite formula 1 team, your country and many others original ones. You can even design your own livery if you dare. \r<br>\r<br>3 races a week, 17 by season, 2000 managers, 24 hours chat, forums where to talk, express your opinion or ask about the game and make new friends. You will be able to form a team with another player and help your country to win the nations cup. You also count with many statistics and ranking of any kind.\r<br>\r<br>And the Jackpot, you will be able to watch the races alive or in a pre-recorded mode, and you shall have a full lap by lap analysis and another one by race. You do not need to install any kind of software or programme, only your browser and internet. \r<br>\r<br>If you like Formula 1, if you like Formula 1 games, if you like managers and strategy, F1REM its the game for you. \r<br>\r<br>F1REM is not an easy game, its a game with many options and possibilities where only the best ones achieve triumphs. \r<br>\r<br>F1REM is the definitive F1 manager, pioneer since 2001 and despite many imitations, you might have found the best f1 manager on the internet, and free… \r<br>\r<br>F1REM is available in Spanish and English, and will soon be in other languages. \r<br>\r<br>And remember, NO RISK, NO FUN! \r<br>\r<br>\r<br>Features F1REM: \r<br>\r<br>Races in live and offline \r<br>Make your FORMULA 1 Team \r<br>A lot of different options in your Race Setup \r<br>Make offers to pilots and Mechanics\r<br>\r<br>Select your car livery\r<br>\r<br>Make a Team with other friend\r<br>\r<br>Diferent weather forecast\r<br>\r<br>Practice, Qualify and Warm up\r<br>\r<br>A lot of stats in game\r<br>\r<br>Race Analysis\r<br>\r<br>24h Chat and forums about game\r<br>\r<br>100% Pure Manager Game Free \r<br>Diferent Categories and Groups \r<br>Promotions and Relegations \r<br>3 Races by week, 17 by Season \r<br>A lot of Tracks where can run or practice (near of 200) \r<br>Nations Cup \r<br>No need software, all run by the web \r<br>
Mafia Dept
This Game Is Amazing\r<br>Rapidly Growing In Popularity\r<br>Try It And See
Pimpin game free to play
Masterpimpz is a massive, online, multiplayer text based game. Here you are a pimp on a quest for money, power and respect. As a pimp, you must build up your crib. You think you got what it takes?
Criminal Lives
In Criminal Lives, you are free to choose your own path. You can protect the weak, or exploit their weakness. Spend your money to help your friends, or horde it, they can take care of themselves. Buy a gang and become the most respected group of players in the land. Declare war on an enemy, or an innocent bystander, the choice is yours.
\r<br>Welcome to TrueOnlineGames.com. Here you can play many different types of online games. TrueOnlineGames.com owns over 50 complete online games ranging from VPets to RPG&#39s to Mafia games. Please feel free to look about just bare with us as we upload extra games.\r<br>
Criminal Combat
If you are up for a challenge and willing to work hard daily to jump up the ranks then this game is for YOU!
Great new real online player game - very groovy look and game play - growing to be one of the best out there!
Chrono Target has returned with a all new redesigned and rebuilt interface which allows for much faster gaming, in addition to new ships, research and development that allows the game to run indefinately, CT 3.5 will be your game of choice when you come online.
The Killers Clubs
Thekillersclubs.com is a free text browser-based RPG game where you are a Mafioso trying to take over the organized crime in the world and gain the respect of others Mafioso. It’s a harsh world out there, don’t trust anybody and always looking back !
Land of Destiny
Land of Destiny! Build your own village online, play together with friends, fight against other players. Free massive multiplayer online browser game. Online role playing game.