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Compete against other players all over the world! This multiplayer game uses your internet browser to connect you into an underworld of crime, drugs, hustling and war to find out who is the best Mobster out there! Play for free, or spend as you wish, and you can win cash prizes for being the top player in the game! Rounds are 15 days long and the game integrates a live chat and both in game forums and out of game forums so you can always stay in contact. Use your Hitmen or your special forces, Dedicated Experts, to attack other players and steal or destroy their stuff! Join families and war against other families and there are eight in-game cities to be a part of! Members get special bonuses and memberships cost $5 but aren't necessary to play. Have as many accounts as you want! Pit yourself against other families and other players to see who is the best!\r<br>

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