Walk My Plank!
Avast Ye! All hands on deck! Weigh anchor and haul to stern! Man the crow&#39s nest! The chase is making full sail!\r<br>\r<br>Are you savvy enough to sign up and join the quest to swash-buckle and pillage your way through the ranks of the greatest scallywags and buccaneers, or are you just a lowly land lubber?\r<br>\r<br>To succeed in this free browser based multiplayer game you need all your pirate wits, but beware: dead men tell no tales.
The Porn Star Wars
The Porn Star Wars is a game filled with violence, nudity, and adult material. You can buy sex slaves, pimp out sluts, kill your enemies, and meet new people, in the porn star world, anything goes.
Arcane Circle
Enter a world of might and mysticism! Battle dragons and foes as a warrior sorcerer, or reign supreme as a mighty wizard amongst a respected coven that you build! Will you choose a path of light or a dark path, destroying all that would stand in your path.
Rocking Rackets - Tennis
Rocking Rackets is a tennis manager game excelling with realism and easy, fun gameplay. \r<br>\r<br>An excellent place to learn more about the rules of the professional tennis circuit (including the 2009 ATP makeover) or just to compete with your friends.
Sunday League
Rubbish referees, lazy strikers, players booked for streaking - it\\'s all in a day\\'s play on SundayLeague. Join now - FREE - to manage a team against thousands of other players. Seasons last a month and there are great prizes. Play league, cup and head - to - head challenge matches with fully customisable teams. Select your best side then set tactics, formation and aggression levels from pansy to psycho. Check the opposition\\'s plans, and watch out for dodgy refs and variable weather - everything affects the game. Join in the lively forums, chat and instant messaging.\r<br>
Mafia Begins
Mafia Begins is a massive multiplayer online mafia text based game! You are a mafia who starts with nothing your goal is to become a ruthless mafia. To achieve this you will have to complete difficult mafia operations as you go up!
Darkness Realm
Only the few can survive in a body bag... Can you? A true corpse of the Night can come back and rise to the top!
The World of Secfenia
The lives of the mortals go through cycles. In their foolish quest to out do each other, they fail to learn from history and what they can do to themselves. This is what happened to Secfenia. It&#39s nations, it&#39s people&#39s, and it&#39s cultures fell apart. Once proud traditions and cities fell to the dark ages. Only now do they awaken to a renaissance of life. Governments awakening to find their people once again willing to emerge into the bliss of light. The question is... what path will they choose? Will they pick destruction or will they pick to unite? The old lands of Secfenia beg for the new generations to guide them to their future. How will they fulfill their destiny?
Tycoon Online
Let&#39s get down to business!
Heir of a deserted islet, become the Star of the Tropics!
Criminal Nations
Are you criminal minded? Are you tough enough to tackle a world of criminals and become Top Dawg? Come get caught up in Criminal Nations If you think you do!
WarDrome is a free strategic management browser game set in a space opera atmosphere.\r<br>\r<br>Real time combats, development, economy and role play.
Black Aftermath
Black Aftermath is a free turn-based massive multiplayer online strategy game for those who want to reign supreme amongst their fellow criminals by dominating the streets of their city and even the world.
High Descent
You are a 12th century nobleman, and you have control of a small army of mercenaries. There are other noblemen who would love to see you fall, thereby having your power and land distributed amongst them. Fight with courage and honor as you defend yourself and those who follow you.
Forbidden Waters
Break away from the tides and sandy beaches where some lounge around. Grab some gear and a weapon, head to a port to find some mischief. Get some mates and make some foes. Start a crew and sail to the top with the strongest ship in the sea.
Raceconflicts is a game of very few constrains, in which you can become a feared warrior, or a highly developed city builder, seeker of knowledge, as you please. The game has it&#39s own time, seasons, weather, a fully developed universe, growing and expanding.
Street Crime
Street Crime is a massive free online gangster mmorpg roleplaying game. Having been completely revamped its likely to blow your socks off! Join the fun now!
A browser based game, where you head up your own gardening company and ally or war with other companies! Choose one of five different routes which affect what units you will have at your disposal: Military,\r\n<br>Protestor, Thug, Robotics or Special Operations.
The game is set in 1930?s prohibition America. You assume the role of a small time gangster, starting at first by simply picking pockets and running booze between the different states. As you play the game more, you will gain rank and move on, you will be able to steal cars and participate in Organized crimes. Eventually you will reach sufficient standing in the game to allow you to create a crew, to become a big player in the game. After longer still you may reach the dizzy highs of Legendary Don, in control of a vast crime network. Or if you mess with the wrong people, you may soon find yourself talking to the Grim Reaper \r<br>\r<br>\r<br>This is one of the oldest Gangster games out there with over 180000 registrered players, it has spawned many clones none of which have matched this games popularity.
Jockstocks allows you to use our money to purchase stocks of your favorite baseball, football, basketball, and hockey players. The stocks rise, or fall in value in conjunction with the players performance in the game, and the volume of stock trading. Think you know sports? Prove it.
King of the Bling
King of the Bling is the new global multiplayer online game that gives YOU the chance to be a hard hitting, badass \"Mofo\"! Whether you choose to directly train your several fighting abilities at the hard-knocks playground, or decide to work your way to the top with our revolutionary jobs system, you won't find it easy. \r<br>But with access to the Neighbourhood's exclussive clubs, contacts in the form of hitmen and loan sharks and masses of respect from your fellow Mofo's, you can battle, struggle and strive to be the BADDEST Mofo online...\r<br>\r<br>King of the Bling!
The very best and biggest online gangster RPG huge and growing vibrant community with cool, imaginative gameplay. Check out Omerta now cos this is as good as it gets!
Endless Online
Real-time third-person isometric mmorpg. Design your own anime characters, explore, fight npcs, earn items & EXP and meet the the other online players...
Global Insanities
Browser based modern-day economic and military strategy game.
State of the art medieval-fantasy strategy game with many features. \r<br>Join your friends or create new ones and control a kingdom scattered over a world called Rising.\r<br>Besides all of that its totally free. Try it out and have a good time.
Medieval Destruction
Are you up for the challenge? Build up your kingdom with spys and soldiers, research new units with Chemists, help your country thrive with, and aim for the top. How good can you be?
St. Brendan\\'s Cross
Destroy the heathen, blasphemers and Infidels. Rule the world as GOD(s) would have intended it through your glory and your believers blood!\r<br>\r<br>MMORPG Free Web based, No downloads, Intelligent NPC\\'s. Early Game Stage and development. Beautiful Fonts and Graphics.
Renaissance Kingdoms
A free web-based MMORPG, that take place in Western Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. The player starts as a tramp that has to get rich, famous in his community, in order to take power and lead the destinies of thousands of players. But he can also prefer to become a monk and enters a cloister or a travel through the many cities of the Kingdoms to sell products on the markets, as a merchant.\r<br>\r<br>Role play is really important in Renaissance Kingdoms and the communauty is really warm.\r<br>\r<br>Renaissance Kingdoms is a true multiplayer game as it is based on well-balanced models in which only players take part (no bots): a complete economic model (ask/bid market, production/transformation/cons<wbr>umption cycle, work and capital), a political model (election, revolt) and governments model (city mayor, county council, church hierarchy).
City of Crime
Welcome to the new created world of City Of Crime, were our number one rule is freedom. your head concern is survival..CoC is no normal city, anything goes here - the police were taken out many years ago so you the people living here rule the roost, cars, guns, drugs, and fights and much much more when your in...also have the chance to through in your own idea to the game as were in beta.
Battle Dawn
Massively Multiplayer Strategy Game built with Flash!
Land of Knights
The dawn of civilization brought forth an age of chivalry, of knights in armour and beautiful maidens. In this bygone land of quests and jousts you will choose your own pathway; explore the mysteries of the Kingdoms; join one or create your own. Train to improve your life-skills - or your fighting ability. Journey to strange lands; have exciting adventures; trade weapons and goods; gamble; attack your enemy. Will you make a fortune &#65533; or steal one? Choose your path carefully for the options are endless. Whatever your choices, your life will change forever once you enter the Land of Knights.
Net Pet
Capture your pet, build it and evolve it. Then, take your pet into the arena and battle it with others online!
Animal Acres
A fun virtual pet game where you can own dogs,cats,and horses!You can also own centaurs,Unicorns,and Pegasus!Active mods too!
Maximum War
Welcome to Maximum War... Join Now and Play our exciting new online strategy game - set far in the future - 3028... With Real Cash Prizes.\r<br>\r<br>In the Year 3028\r<br>War and suffering has ravaged the galaxy for hundreds of years!\r<br>Many people are divided, broken into Galaxys and Alliances. They plunder anyone that doesnt share their desires and needs. They need guidance, they need leadership and they also need strength. You are there to guide them to victory! You must gather, guide and reunite to destry your common foe, so, welcome to MAXIMUM WAR.
Cartel Wars is a free, turn-based massive multiplayer online game that transports you into the world of the mafia. You will find yourself into a world where friends turn into enemies in the blink of an eye, where the streets are splattered with the blood of the weak, and only the most vicious mafiosos come out on top. Do you have what it takes to step up to the challenge and crush an ego or two? If so, this game is for you.
Peloton is a free online game set in the cycling world. You manage a team of cyclists and participate in all the famous races and tours, including classics such as Paris-Roubaix, the Giro d&#39Italia and of course the Tour de France.\r<br>\r<br>The game features 79 different races and 13 different tours!
Be a dragonrider
Always wanted a dragon? ....here is your chance to own a baby dragon
Criminal Yards
As you walk down CY blvd, you already know this experience will not be easy. Choose between joining a gang, or roaming free without anyone to back you up.\r<br>Commit crimes, murderers, train, work, and many other features this game provides.
fleets of ancarchy
it is very good
Becoming a don is not easy.Trying to do it alone in the mafia world is crazy.Build an army of followers and try to overtake the the world for world domination.Never turn your back on anyone.\"Keep your friends close...but keep your enemies closer!\"
Dragon ball rpg
i game where you can make your own player
Swords of Vengeance
Train your character to be the ultimate warrior of the city!
Goma Island
Just off the coast awaits the mysterious Goma Island. Come along and join the adventure. Explore the island, wage through perilous dungeons and even grow your own creatures! You can fight fellow players, dress up your userpage and much more! So come visit today - the island is waiting!
Crimnal Fire
Criminal Fire is a FREE online MMORPG that enables the player to build up a criminal character in an all-immersive criminal underworld.
Planet Gambro
A lavishly illustrated absurdist RPG!\r<br>\r<br>Where Molemen, Zombies, Pixies and Germans must put aside their differences to topple the notorious Gage Gambro, the real-estate tycoon who bought majority ownership of the world!
A new naruto based game
backstreet ballas
Be Come Number #1 By Fear And Power, Make Your Own Gang Or Join One , \r<br>Dont Let Anyone Stand In Your Way ! \r<br>Do You Dare To Enter ?
Free online war game
Aeon Sea
The year is 166 of the new aeon. Historian elders claim the great epoch of civilization began with the falling of a single drop of rain and ended in a global climatic disaster. The great polar caps ceased to be and the seas began to merge, covering the earth. Others believe a divine promise was broken and the evils of mankind became worthy of a second great retribution. The Rainbow pact ceased to be and the keeper covered the earth in tears. Others just have nothing left to believe. When the end came those able, took to the seas. Great Navies of the world banded together in a feable attempt to preserve humanity, but when the deep swallowed the earth, hunger consumed sanity and the great fleets erupted in battle. The victors soon took to cannibalism and eventually in madness took their own lives. Survivors constructed floating communities for protection, the lucky founded mountain top ports as the waters subsided. Others took to piracy allying themselves to prey upon the weak. The world ceased and Aeon Sea was all that was left. Life is hell, hope a fleeting memory, water gold and death salvation.