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Traditional Advertising Formats

MPOGR has two traditional advertising formats. There are the 468x60 banners on the ranking and voting pages, and also the 300x250 advertisements on the right side of every page.

Ads are sold on a CPC basis according to the following schedule. The minimum buy is $50 USD.

Total Purchase Cost-Per-Click
$2,500+ $0.07
$1,000+ $0.08
$500+ $0.09
$300+ $0.10
$100+ $0.11
$50+ $0.12

Media-Rich, Interactive, and Data-Driven Advertisements

Advertisers who set up custom media-rich, interactive, and data-driven advertisements on MPOGR will receive a significant CPC discount.

You get to use the entire 300-width side bar to promote your game in creative and interesting ways. You must use rich media like audio and video, interactive ads that respond to input from the visitor, or data-driven ads that use live data from your website to entice visitors to play. Flash, Javascript, and AJAX are the technologies to be used.

These ads should receive a very high click-through ratio, and in return I will give you a low CPC of $0.06. Because of the high initial setup effort the minimum purchase is $1,000 USD.

Advertising Contact

Please email for more information or to place an order.